Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Consumer Behavior Topics Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Consumer Behavior Topics - Research Paper Example This document also discusses the influence of culture on consumer behavior with reference to Hofstede’s (1980) cultural model, and the adult consumer’s decision-making process. Impact of Digital Revolution on Consumer Behavior Digital revolution means the massive change brought by the digital electronics and information and communication technology particularly since the second half of the 20th century and continues to this day. Digital revolution is sometimes also referred to as the third industrial revolution. It began with the invention of transistor in 1947 which led to the creation of more advanced and powerful digital computers. First personal computers eventually appeared in 1970s. During 1980s these computers became more familiar with the government and general public of developed nations and by the late 80s computers became a necessity of many businesses around the world. World Wide Web was released to public by 1992 and soon enough many corporations started to quote their websites in their ads. Cell phones became very common in 2000 and 3 billion people use cell phones worldwide by the end of the decade. Tablet computers and smart phones have now appeared and are expected to exceed the number of personal computers by the end of 2015. Digital revolution has made drastic changes to the overall business environment around the world. It has influenced the way consumers around the world think about the products and the way they search for the products that cater to their needs. In short the digital revolution has changed the consumer behavior to a great extent. The revolution has also promoted competition among the global firms. These changes can be seen as follows: Through internet, particularly through the websites of corporations and their products, consumers now have easy access to more information than ever before. Consumers have more choice and more power than before. The way buy and sell transaction and handled and recorded have significantly changed. Marketers can now offer better quality and greater quantity of their products and services to individual buyers. Communication between the marketers and consumers is faster and vivid which enables relationship building, exchange of ideas and negotiation. The great use of digital tools and information and communication technology is the essence of digital revolution and it continues with every new invention that supports the human life. At present day technologies like smart phones, GPS device (Global Positioning System), Notebooks and tablet PCs, social networking etc. have changed our lifestyles by how we communicate, stay up-to-date and interact with each other. Internet has made communication is faster than before and the information is on our finger tips even on the go. All these changes and innovations have had a major impact on both the consumer behavior and marketing. Through the use of latest technology in e-commerce it’s now possible for corporations to showcase their products online at their websites and the customers have the ability to purchase their required products online through credit cards. For example, it’s now possible to order a tailor-made Toyota from a Tokyo car showroom and have the car delivered to you within a short time period. Handheld devices with internet capabilities have made the tasks of end-user buying and selling quite easier. By accessing GPS they can know for sure where in the world their desired product or service is available and best suited to their requirements. Hence, the behavior of consumers has changed in a drastic manner by digital revolution. Through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter; forums and

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